Eladuct + KerAion Ela 10.6

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Eladuct und KerAion ELA 10.6

Conductive flooring

These two specific solutions – as a stoneware tile (Eladuct) on the one hand and as a ceramic large-size panel in model size 60 x 60 cm, 24 x 24 in, on the other (ELA 10.6) – are suitable for use in those areas where electrostatic charge requires a conductive floor covering or where the latter is recommended. The special laying instructions must be followed carefully. We shall be delighted to advise you and to give you assistance for individual applications.


Unglazed surfaces

Eladuct is especially predestined for those areas where the discharge of static electricity is desired together with the advantages of an unglazed surface (high mechanicalchemical stress resistance).

Examples: gravure and flexographic printing areas, laboratories, rooms for lacquer production, processing and decanting, munitions dumps, chemical production plants etc. "


KerAion ELA 10.6

Glazed surfaces

KerAion ELA 10.6 is recommended for those areas where the discharge of static electricity is desired and importance is attached to the advantages of a glazed surface (e.g. very easy to clean) and a generous, representative look.

Examples: office rooms, production rooms for electronic equipment, physical measuring and work rooms, laboratories, rooms for microchip and computer manufacture, medical areas (e.g. operating theatres), telecommunication workshops, sales areas for electronic equipment etc."


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