Pool edge system Zürich


Pool edge system Zürich

Designing with edging tiles

Similar to the Berlin pool edge system, the Zurich system also features an elevated overflow edge which doubles up as a handhold. The channel with a plastic grating is however separated from the pool by edging tiles.

Thanks to the combination with pool edging tiles between the overflow edge and the outlet channel, this system is eminently suitable for use in recreational and adventure pools. What's more, the Zurich system also offers plenty of scope from a technical and aesthetic perspective, giving rise to various channel volumes as required.


Room for details


Visual effects are achieved using a selection of suitable pool edging tiles, enabling a harmonious alignment or color contrasts with the pool rim surface. Apart from cover gratings made of plastic, recommended accessories also include the Silent 100 outlet valve which significantly reduces water noise as it flows off.


System Solution

Pool edge system Zurich
  1. UW-Silicone
  2. Closed-cell polyethylene foam round lace
  3. Elastic water-resistant filling material
  4. Joint band
  5. Slide bearing
  6. Plastic cover grating
  7. Capillary barrier / grouting (reaction resin filler)
  8. Waterproof concrete (according to DIN EN 206/DIN 1045/DAfStB WU Guideline
  9. Conventional thick-bed laying
  10. Thin-bed laying on cement render (P III, CS IV without added lime)
  11. Sealing layer
  12. Sealing tape
  13. “Silent W 2000” outlet valve
  14. “Silent 100” outlet valve
  15. Epoxi for joints, for the project sector
  16. Section stoneware pipe
  17. Casing for water inlet/outlet pipe and brazing collar
Pool edge system Zuerich
Pool edge system Zuerich
Pool edge system Zuerich

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Series Pool edge system Zürich

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