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Time is one of the most valuable resources. A ceramic tile is one of the most sustainable floor coverings. Whether in shopfitting, gastronomy, hotels or shopping centres – saving time during conversion or new construction is now possible with the cork-coated tile DryTile. With DryTile, the tile is laid dry. This saves time, money and creates a new room atmosphere.


One unique feature of DryTile is its specially-developed cork layer based on polyolefins. Free of PVC, chlorine and plasticizers, and even suitable for contact with food, it is made of a cork granulate permanently applied to the back of the tile.


The principle is simple: the tile’s inherent weight presses the cork layer onto the substrate where it adheres, vacuum-like, and guarantees that everything stays firmly in place. No mortar bed, no adhesive.


The rear cork layer protrudes 1.3 mm at the tile edges. The cork edges are pressed together during installation. This creates a clean and precise joint pattern.

Where can DryTile be used?

DryTile is interesting wherever conversion work has to be carried out quickly. The construction time is significantly reduced. On the one hand, this is due to the much faster laying work compared to conventional tiling. On the other hand, it is also because floors laid with DryTile are immediately accessible. This means that other work such as electrical installation, painting or dry construction work can be continued almost without interruption.

It goes without saying that the DryTile system also offers all of the advantages of ceramic tiles when compared to other floorings such as laminate or vinyl: they are absolutely light-fast, UV-resistant and odour-neutral; heavy furniture does not leave any pressure marks; they are non-flammable as well as being impervious to heat.


Whether in supermarkets, shop fitting, car showrooms, restaurants, hotels, museums, schools or in offices and administrative buildings: DryTile enables the installation of a high-quality floor with all the advantages of ceramics - and in record time. This saves time, reduces closing times and optimises installation processes.

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