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Natural. Modern. Versatile.

The very fact that Ascona tiles are available in slip resistances up to R12/C underlines the functionality and versatility of this series. In addition, the mosaics are thermoplastically glued on the back, making them suitable for use in swimming pools and other wet areas.

All in all, the coherent and comprehensive overall concept is impressive. This is because their variants are adapted to practical applications – with slip resistance and grooved surfaces, but also in terms of shape – for example as gutter tiles or mitred pairs for swimming pool edges. Ascona is also ideal for the individual design of outdoor areas; the patio tiles enable a visually seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.


Room for details

Ascona is made for spas, wellness areas and swimming pools in hotels, but also in private homes. This is also due to the diversity of this series. Already visually, with mosaics and oblong formats, small and large formats for walls and floors as well as the fine selection of colors, you have a wide range for design. 


But the series also impresses with its functional possibilities and technical solutions, especially for all swimming pool areas or spas. The Ascona series can be perfectly combined with our new mosaic series Marble + More.

All tiles are Hytect hygienic tiles.This reduces the cleaning effort in spas or swimming pools, for example, air pollutants and odours are eliminated and the tiles have a natural antibacterial effect.


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