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Fine and round

The perfect answer to the trend to give way, The mosaic LOOP gives rounded designs. It is available in 15 finely nuanced, high-gloss colours supplied, six of which are also available with matte, tread non-slip surface are available. Thus, the range of application on showers and other wet areas extended. In addition to the mosaic with 2 cm diameter a 1 cm version available, which is particularly filigree and noble. In contrast colours it is also suitable for pictograms, letters, arrows and even QR codes. Decorative elements from square and round mosaic tiles and the decor Ocean with wave-like flowing colour gradient round off the series.


The colors

The secret of the depth, luminosity and stability of the colors lies in the glaze. Up to ten layers are applied to the stoneware and permanently burned into the surface. We design the glazes ourselves – using choice raw materials. Giving rise to mosaics of radiant and permanent attractiveness.

LOOP offers a wide range of intensive and muted color gradations in blue and green, vibrant yellow, orange and red hues, shades of grey and brown through to jet black. Delicate transparency for lightness and timelessness, luminous saturation for highlights and expression.


Color gradations which can also be compiled individually

Color gradations accentuate selected areas, break the monotony of the overall appearance and orchestrate artistic interactions with homogenous tiled areas. As cladding on individual elements such as columns, partition walls or bar counters, they introduce a unique rhythm to any space.


Form follows your mind

Maximum design down to the tiniest detail. LOOP knows no limits when it comes to freedom of form. With its tiny circular tiles, this range of mosaics curls around curved walls and objects like a second skin. Accordingly, LOOP is often used for ergonomic seating ledges and columns or even for cladding counters and bars.


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