Hygiene surface

Germ killers

Our home should be our personal wellness oasis – where children can have pillow fights and mess around with the dog, where babies can play on the floor and parents can relax after work. Hytect tiles make it possible to design an individual favourite place while creating a healthy and comfortable living space at the same time. Relax, enjoy, switch off. A large part of our product range features the Hytect surface.

How Hytect works

Hytect acts like a natural catalyst whose effects are triggered simply by light. Accordingly, allergy sufferers can breathe easily, parents can let their babies crawl along the floor and animal lovers can easily wipe away any paw prints. A clever technology – three healthy effects.

Beispiel Hytect-Fliesen-im-Bad


Hytect neutralises pollutants such as NOx or formaldehyde over the entire life cycle and actively ensures a better indoor climate. This has a positive impact in modern buildings in particular which are practically air-tight thanks to insulation.


Selected series with Hytect