Inside out - die Seestadt Aspern

Seestadt Aspern (N48° 13′ 34″ E16° 30′ 20″) is one of Vienna's oldest residential areas and the largest urban development projects in Europe. By 2028, the 22nd district will be home to at least 20,000 people living and working here. With a focus on climate-sensitive urban development, the new district emphasises the quality of public spaces, the inclusion of nature, social diversity and design sustainability. At the centre of this is a residential complex which, with its intense blue ceramic façades from the KerAion series by Agrob Buchtal, is a real eye-catcher in the master plan.

Quality through scale

The residential building was planned by Viennese architects Albert Wimmer (AWZT). Instead of a "Viennese block", the architect opted for an open perimeter development and skilfully combined an ensemble of four individual buildings to create an inviting neighbourhood. This is emphasised by the ceramic shell as a design bracket. The blue of the "design glazed" colours of the KerAion panels in the outer façade skin stands out clearly and in contrast to the white plaster of the inner courtyard, attracting the eye and allowing passers-by from near and far to explore exciting views and insights into an architecture that Albert Wimmer has designed in every detail with the scale that defines urban quality and guarantees buildings a long life.

Façade creates climate

With the KerAion system, Albert Wimmer Architekten also thought ahead to the climate when planning the façade. In addition to the low weight, material and energy consumption of the 8 mm thin but consistently robust and striking ceramic panel, the long service life and a building material that is not only completely recyclable but can also be dismantled and reused with the Agrob Buchtal system for rear-ventilated facades are convincing. Equipped with Hytect technology at the factory, KerAion provides an innovative cladding that offers economic and ecological added value thanks to its self-washing effect and the reduction of air pollutants such as nitrogen oxide. This is already a benefit for the "aspern klimafit" programme, which was set up to consistently minimise the climate impact of building construction.

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© Fotodesign Peters, Amerang

© Fotodesign Peters, Amerang

© Fotodesign Peters, Amerang

© Fotodesign Peters, Amerang

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