Restaurant Nooba

Zürich, Switzerland
Nader Interior GmbH
Plural, Special production

Varied cuisine in a special ambience

In the restaurant Nooba, in the Europaallee in Zurich, a ceramic mosaic mural adorns central areas of the restaurant and thus contributes to the ambience in a style-defining way.

The epicurean delights
In gastronomic establishments, the primary focus is, of course, on the range and quality of the food and drinks. However, the atmosphere is also relevant to success, and the range of dishes and interior design styles covers a broad spectrum: As a guest, you are pleasantly spoiled for choice between a spartan gastropub, a cozy student pub, a home-style eatery, an exquisite gourmet temple, or restaurants with diverse cuisines from around the world. A prime example of the latter is Nooba in Zurich's Europaallee, a centrally located neighborhood with a wide range of stores, cultural institutions, apartments and restaurants. Nooba is the abbreviation for "Noodle Bar," because the main part of the epicurean offering consists of different types of Asian noodles. In addition, there are other specialties such as soups, fried rice or curries. The menu includes a wide selection of typical dishes from Thailand, India and Japan, for example, or in other words: pan-Asian cuisine is served. The food is prepared fresh daily by the Asian kitchen team via wok or teppan grill (Japanese "iron plate"). 

The stylish interior
In keeping with the pan-Asian cuisine, the furnishings were designed by Nader Interior: Light-flooded, transparent and (world)open, indoor and outdoor tables and seating with a clear design language as well as finely dosed and well-balanced placed plant arrangements. The central element par excellence is the open show kitchen: it contains numerous elements and surfaces made of copper, in which the delicate, Far Eastern-inspired pendant lights and the ceiling spotlights are effectively reflected to create a pleasantly warm and at the same time stylishly urban atmosphere in which one immediately feels at home.

The ceramic art
The striking eye-catcher between the copper surfaces of the show kitchen is a work of art of a special kind: Ceramic mosaic of the Plural series in the format 2.5 x 2.5 cm and 29 different colors was composed into a floral motif that attracts attention. Raw ideas and wishes of the client are refined by the factory in terms of planning and meticulously assembled exactly on sheets of about 30 x 30 cm, which are then numbered consecutively to ensure a correct final result.  The installer not only ensures that the motifs are arranged correctly, but also that after jointing the edges of the individual sheets are not visible, but that everything blends into a homogeneous whole.

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Photographer: Vladimir Vlajnic, Adriano Faragolu

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